Tuesday, July 21, 2009

"l' Art de l' Aquarelle"

A new French watercolor magazine, L' Art de l'Aquarelle, has just published its first issue, and I have an 8-page spread, with 6 full-page reproductions (first two pages shown below). This magazine spotlights the best watercolorists in Europe, so of course it features my friends Janine Gallizia and Joseph Zbukvic (cover), and another euro star whose work I love, Gottfried Salzmann. There is one other American in this issue - some guy named Andrew Wyeth! I have to say, it is a gorgeous magazine, printed on heavy glossy stock and loaded with articles and fabulous pictures. I believe the next issue will feature the great Wayne Roberts. After that, Guan Wei Xing. Where do you go from there???!!!

For information regarding obtaining this magazine, please email: redaction@lartdelaquarelle.com


lupus said...

Hi, Nick, my friend...¡¡¡Congratulations for this publication...!! I'd like to know where can i buy it, it seems to be fantastic, with you works, Janina, Joseph..etc.
Please tell me if you know if it is sold in Spain.


Un abrazo.


Fernando Pena said...

Hello Nick, congratulations on this magazine, first level: Joseph, Janine and you... well done again.
un abrazo

Janet Belich said...

Sending E mail requests to friends in Europe, NOW.
Oh, MAN, why didn't I make good on my NYE resolution to learn French?

Sandeep Khedkar said...

Hi Nick

chiendent said...

Congratulations for your 8 pages on this new magazine. Good work.

RH Carpenter said...

Congratulations, Nick! Your name and your work is becoming known the world over - how wonderful. Don't forget us little painters when you are living in your manse with servants and "cement ponds" :)
Seriously, you are in such good company because your hard work is proving itself - it's a wonderful thing and I hope it garners you many more viewers and patrons.

Billie Crain said...

Where do you go from here? The cover, of course! Maybe you'll be on there in the next issue!Congrats on the 8 page spread!!!

cardesin said...


I have the magazine. The buy in France, and I must congratulate him for the article ....... wonderful! and surrounded by the love watercolourists me !!!!!.
I can ask for more?????????
A big hug!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations Nick!!!!

Looks like a great publication,how does something like this come about? did they contact you and ask permission? do they ask for certain work etc....

Glad to see your getting the limelight you deserve.


Deb Townsend said...

Congratulations, Nick. Looks like a fantastic spread.

Nick said...

Enrique - gracias, I'm not sure about availability outside of France, but I'm sure you could contact the publisher Megastar for info.

Fernando - first level: Andrew Wyeth! :) A nice word in Joseph's interview about friendship and our upcoming show with Janine, Xavier Swolfs, Marc Folly and Stephane Heurion.

Janet - some of the articles are in English. Mine is all in French, and I need to translate it! I'll put a copy of it up when I can scan again..still hobbling along on Vista,nothing works.

Sandeep & Chiendent - thanks for stopping by!

Rhonda - no worries,no such thing as celebrity in the w/c world. Someone needs to change that, I could use a dip in the see-ment pond! (with Ellie Mae)

Billie - what I meant was...well, you know what I meant! heheh

Juankar - I'm tempted to come to Spain in Oct, I'd really love to meet you and Enrique and all my friends from Hisp. My Spanish is terrible, but we speak another language, si?

Paul - yes they contacted me, but some magazines accept submissions. If you have some ideas, don't be shy, give it a shot!

Deb - nice to see you, hope you're still experimenting like mad!

jamiek8 said...


Looks fabulous. Congrats on a great spread and wish we could see it all.

David Burge said...

True enough; where does one go from there?

Lush production.

Jealous as hell!

Susan Liles said...

Congratulations! Nice recognition in a new magazine. Hard work does pay off,...gotta get off the couch more and get those brushes in hand.

Unknown said...

WOW NIck!!! you´re in good compannion... man you deserve this, that doublepage is gorgeous.
Cheers to Olga and the children!

Nick said...

Jamie - I'll get a pdf of it up on my site pretty soon. I think this worthless PC can still manage that!

Dake - I just added the email contact to the post for people interested in getting the magazine. I would hope and expect there will be a parade of Aussie watercolorists in upcoming issues, more great painters there per capita than anywhere on earth.:)

Susan - do what I did: get rid of the couch! I also disconnected the cable tv, not that I ever watched it much, but there was a potential distraction. Now if I want to watch tv, I have to do it from the exercise bike at the gym. TV fix with benefits!

Amigo Alex - still hoping you get up here one of these days. As with Javier, if you do, I'll drop everything and meet you wherever. C'mon!

Bruce said...

nick, had a feeling i should stop by and see what up ... delighted with your new honor. great placement in the inaugural issue, and a lovely painting! i hope you continue the "summer" green, gold and violet tesselation images. they are uniquely "nick" to me -- really a signature work. rock on!

blogmomcom.blogspot.com/2018/01/06840.html said...

Nick , I am Lucky enough to be getting one soon ,
Can't wait!!

David Lobenberg said...

How exciting, Nick!!!

Nick said...

Bruce - what a surprise! As long as they keep selling. ;)

June - thanks for stopping by, now my turn

David - thanks buddy!

blogmomcom.blogspot.com/2018/01/06840.html said...

Anytime , Nick ! As you know , you are always welcome here. The Bull Frogs are comng Soon ! An August thing.
It has been a Long,Long time!

William K. Moore said...

Nice to be recognized abroad.. I think there is a pun or joke in there somewhere.. but I'll move on. After some months of hunkering down and letting adverse winds pass by overhead, you've managed to move ahead to higher ground. Thanks for being an example of perseverance - to show what can happen if one keeps a cool head and the brushes moving.

Nick said...

June - I'll be up in NY state next week, maybe on the way back I can stop by. I'd love to see you both1

Bill - cool head surrounded by hotheads. Never saw this kind of thing in the music business, certainly not to this extent. And I think the reason is because you must work with a lot of people in music, it's usually more of a collaborative effort. You have to get along with people, and I got along with virtually everyone. Visual art is a far more solitary endeavor, and that circumstance creates an unhealthy and warped attitude among so many, amateur and professional. We both know this from personal experience. Best way to handle it? Rip the rear view mirror off - you won't have to see it!

Annaquarel.les said...

Hi Nick. Congratulations on your article. I bought the magazine during my stay at the IV Biennial in Brioude. I saw one of your paintings displayed on a bookshop window. It's a small world!. If you want to know what was going on in Brioude, I have written a short report on my blog. I know you've got the intention to come to Spain. Let me know. I could meet you in Barcelona and show you around. I know that there are more Hispas who would join.
Congratulations on the stunning CD cover! Nick's painting! What else?;-)

Nick said...

Anna - great to hear from you. I'll check out your blog asap. I'm definitely coming to Spain in October, it would be wonderful to meet you and many Hispacuarela friends. We must stay in touch! ciao

Dorice Watercolours said...

Mais que c'est excellent, Nick! Félicitations ... I still want to try your "batik" technique some day ...

blogmomcom.blogspot.com/2018/01/06840.html said...

Gosh , Nick , All I can say is WOW !! It is all so Exciting !Especially seeing your painting On the AlbumCover and all else happening in your life.I need to go lie down !!LOL , LOL!
It is all too exciting to just read about it . Aw, HECK , I love living vicariously !
Bravo , Kid ! No one deserves it more than you. You earned it .

Tonya Vollertsen said...

Nice! Congrats!

Unknown said...

big congrats nick! can't wait to check it out - if i must go to paris...ok, i will! way to go my friend!

Nick said...

Tony and Tom - thanks for the post, I don't think I've had any this many months after the fact! :) It's a fantastic magazine, new version in English worth looking into.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the link, but unfortunately it seems to be offline... Does anybody have a mirror or another source? Please reply to my post if you do!

I would appreciate if a staff member here at nicholassimmons.blogspot.com could post it.