Saturday, June 28, 2008

13e Salon de l'Aquarelle en Limousin, France

I'm excited to have five pictures in this exhibition organized by the fabulous Australian watercolorist Janine Gallizia (now living and painting in France). Thank you for the invitation, Janine! Guests of honor are watercolor masters Joseph Zbukvic and Herman Pekel. There are about 25 other European and Australian artists of note, and I'm the only American represented.

13th Salon de l’Aquarelle

Château de Feuillade and the Cultural Centre Desoubsdanesthe in Saint Laurent Sur Gorre (Haute-Vienne) Limousin, France.

Saturday 12th July - 10th August 2008

Open every day from 2pm - 7pm.

There is more information on the Aquarelle-Limousin website.


David Burge said...

Some gargantuan names in the watercolour world there Nicko.
I'd hate to have to leave a couple of those names out of the top 10 living watercolour landscape impressionists list.
I'm sure your work will stand in good stead in that company.
All the best with it.

joel said...

wow - her work is really cool! i love the way she carves shapes out of the wet-in-wet. really neat.

well done on the exhibition Nick. sounds like good company to me!!!

-- Joel.

Nick said...

Ha, the first two posts are from Aussies! I've said many times before - there are more killer painters down there per capita than anyplace I know of. Just wish I could get there to hang out with you guys and have some of the magic rub off.
Janine has a wonderful style, and she's very successful in Europe -last week she was in four different countries painting and showing. And she just put out her third book and third DVD. Makes me feel like a slacker!

David Lobenberg said...

Wow! Joe is one eastern european Aussie that knows how to watercolor!

Sandy said...

Everything is happening at once for you Nick!One lot of exciting news after the other!
What a year you are having!
Congratulations on being included in the show with Janine and co.I'm sure it will be exciting for you and I know your work will be very popular.Best wishes.

Dawn said...

congratulations Nick! what a fantastic year you are having!

perugina said...

Best wishes NNG, and congrats on your inculusion in show!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations again! You're really smokin' now Nick. It's so nice to know an artist at the hight of his career.

Nick said...

David - JZ is as good as it gets for that approach to w/c, maybe the best.

Sandy - the only down side is it's not leaving much time for....painting!

Dawn and Patricia - as a friend of mine says, just showing up is 75% of the job

Silvina - if this is the height, I'm in deep trouble! I have my sights set a lot higher...doesn't take any more effort to think big than small, just huevos. ;)

William K. Moore said...

Glad those paintings found their mark Nicholas.. I remember when you were looking for the sending address. A relief to have loose ends tied... or at least nicely trimmed.

Nick said...

Everything on schedule, Bill. U.S. Post Office came through, at approx. 1/10 of what UPS wanted. Not disgruntled!

Billie Crain said...

you're keeping some very impressive company these days, Nick! how exciting...5 pieces. WOW! double WOW!

Nick said...

Billie - it just opened and I heard I sold three already,not bad. Wish I could have gone over. There is another show lined up next year in Paris, can't miss that one.

perugina said...

NNG, congrats on the sales!

When is the Paris Show happening next year? Just curious, perhaps if I am lucky enough to be there I can pop in and have a look-see at this event!
Would be a bonus... I'm hoping it will be in April...yes?

Nick said...

Thanks Patricia,it will be in the summer. What are you going over for - your debut at the Louvre?!

perugina said...

Actually NNG, I’ve already been to the Louvre… :) Perhaps this is your dream?!

I’m heading that way, if destiny allows, for a very special date! One arranged many years ago.
Would have been a wonderful thing to have seen your works IRL… that’s all.

Looks like I’ll miss out on that.

Viva La Liberte!

Nick said...

I assumed you've visited, I meant your debut exhibition! Those watercolor ladies have a French elan to them, I think it would be a go.Good luck on your current show, hope that cool painting wins something!

perugina said...

You are one funny guy NNG.
Going from 'Fireman's Mugs' to the 'Louvre'...(Hi David) Now that's warped!

Thanks for your best wishes & support on the lastest. A girl can always live in hope.