Thursday, June 26, 2008

Plaza Art - Rockville Workshop

Thanks to all who attended the workshop at Plaza Art last weekend! It was a pretty intensive two days, but I believe everyone got something out of it that they'll be able to use in future work. As always, there was a range of experience from those who have just begun to explore watercolor, to those who are accomplished painters. One nice thing about art is that it's a bit like golf: you're really playing against yourself, not the rest of the group. This makes it possible for people of all levels to participate together, and have good a time. Many of the artists are members of watercolor societies in the DC area, and one person came down from New York.

Thanks also to Da Vinci Paints for providing their fabulous products!

The two Plaza Art workshops I've done filled quickly, so they're having me back a third time this year - probably in October. Information will be posted here and on my website as it becomes available.


William K. Moore said...

Rock'n the Rockville workshop artists.. no doubt. It's not a mystery to see why the event was overbooked... you know how to deliver the goods -- with a smile, talent and a pleasant easel-side manner.

Nick said...

Bill - I learned from the best I ever saw at this gig, Valfred Thelin. I would love to have been watching the portrait demo you did in LA recently, but I have a feeling we'll be rubbing elbows in the studio one of these days.