Saturday, June 14, 2008


Just finished a 5-day workshop at Artists' Showplace, a vibrant and successful partnership gallery hosting workshops and keeping the watercolor scene (and other mediums) happening in these parts. A great group of people that also included a half-dozen online friends of mine - most of whom I met here for the first time....a bit of a family reunion, and a chance to make 20 more new friends. Many are experienced painters, and one is even a signature member of AWS and NWS. I was kept on my toes the whole week, and I know we're all exhausted....but happy. We painted in watercolor and acrylic watercolor using Da Vinci Fluid Acrylic. This was an eye-opener to many who discovered what is arguably the wave of the future in watermedia ....and I think there are some converts.

I want to thank all who participated....many travelled from other areas of Texas, Tucson, and Little Rock. Artists' Showplace has invited me back, and maybe we'll schedule again for next year - I'd love to return! I recommend the venue for any workshop lover, and want to remind that Arnold Lowrey will be returning there in September, and Sandy Maudlin will be teaching a Yupo class there in 2009.

Y'all were so nice, I don't want to leave today!


Nancy Standlee said...

Hi, Nick, You're welcome to come back to TX. anytime and I'll be first on the list of workshop sign ups. You taught us a whole new bag of techniques with the Da Vinci Fluids. Thanks for sharing. I posted a slide show of some of the photos from the class on my blog today. ns

Sandy Maudlin said...

I can just imagine how fired up, but exhausted, everyone is. The way you present your workshops creates such an ideal atmosphere for artistic growth and adventure. They are a lucky, lucky bunch. Congratulations for a job that I know was well done!

perugina said...

If your workshop was anything like the DVD then I'd say it would have been informative, inspiring and enlightening in the use fluid acrylics. Wish the US wasn't so far away.

Tutto di bene NNG
Wishing you all good things!

William K. Moore said...

Welcome back Nicholas.. Glad the workshop rocked the Alamo.. but I guess that's in San Antonio. Seems all had a fine experience - can't wait to hear more details.

Sandy said...

The next best thing to being in a workshop of yours would have to be the DVD!It arrived two days ago and it is fantastic!! It was so exciting to sit down and watch it..just like being there in person.
As Perugina said "I wish the U.S wasn't so far away!"

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick
I certainly enjoyed your workshop. Learned a lot and got most of my questions answered as to how you create those wonderful textures that put the excitement in your artworks. I remain in awe of your work.

Anonymous said...

Dear Nick:

I just received your DVD the other day and it was great!! I liked the way the concepts were clarified
in the accompanying boxes with text. I was just amazed at your process with its very creative and innovative use of the materials. You really have this technique mastered. It seems so controlled, yet the colors appears incredibly loose and abstract. By the way, what LCD projector do you recommend? Thank you again for your generous display of your secrets in creating beautiful work.

Ruth Ann Greenberg

technique mastered. It seems so controlled, yet the colors appear incredibly loose and abstract.

Nick said...

Nancy - thanks for all those pics, and most of all your enthusiastic presence...and it's a kick to meet people you've only known via kilobyte. Looks like I could be back next year, and I wouldn't mind visiting again in September when Arnold Lowrey is in town. He's be one to sign up for, and also Sandy Maudlin next year.

Speaking of which....hey! It was fun, and nobody threw any rotten tomatoes at me - always a risk with the unruly watercolor crowd! :)

Patricia - Tutto to you too, hehe. Yep, I wish that danged place wasn't so far away, I have a whole dinner party of Aussie friends I'm anxious to meet!

Bill - it's a long week, and I do work hard in these workshops. You have to in order to give that many people individual attention. Artists' Showplace is a very comfortable place though, and I was in a nice hotel, etc. No complaints!

Sandy - so I don't look like too much of a dork on there?!

Ed - thanks for dropping by, and you really got some great things happening this week - each painting had something outstanding. Looking forward to whatever you do next.

Ruth - I appreciate your time and thoughts! I've had a few projectors, and settled on this Epson Powerlite S1+ because it uses the least-expensive bulb.