Thursday, June 5, 2008

"Nassau #1: Discount Warehouse"

Nassau #1: Discount Warehouse 41" x 41" 2008

I posted the second picture in this series several weeks ago, and mentioned that it makes more sense if you see this one first. Anyway, this is composed from two shots I took in Nassau last February. The figure is a young man in his school uniform, necktie undone, who was waiting with a group of other students for a bus. I liked the profile I captured, and how his hand was raised to his mouth. I also liked the sign of the nearby Discount Warehouse, so combined them. It's painted on 140 lb. Fabriano Artistico paper with Da Vinci watercolors.

Framed, 48" x 49"


Nika said...

This is really beautiful. I love profiles.

Sandy said...

I agree with nika... and I love this composition too!

perugina said...

Hi NNG... What else can I say but great!

Sandy Maudlin said...

Yes, I agree. GREAT! I've studied it and studied it.

Hae a great time in Dallas! I know they will be dancing art!

William K. Moore said...

What ever comes after homerun is this. This one is clearly out of the park and safely at the post game party. The texturing on the face give strength to the overall effect and the cropping of the figure boosts the impact. The lettering is done with the right amount of detail and serves as a strong supporting element. Now that tie.. the pink on white shirt really makes for a nice place for the eye to move about. I imagine this one will be snapped up soon by some lucky collector. You've gone and done it again Nicholas..

Nick said...

Nika - me too, thanks for stoppying by

Sandy - that makes three of us

PG - 'nuff said, thanks

Sandy - be there next week, I'll leave a light on for ya!

Bill - I appreciate the comments, you hit on the most important things. I'll add that it was interesting to highlight the graphic quality by not working the edges as usual, which can lead to disconnected-ness...but I struck on the idea of using the white/blue in the shirt and sign to tie the shapes together - a visual trick that works well in this one. Bubble wrap for some of the textured stuff....that came out of one of our conversations. Nassau #2 was my own paean to WKM, but this one owes a debt also. Spaseebo, tovarish!

Dawn said...

the texture is fantastic. did I mention I love the dvd?

David Burge said...

Not sure what school that kid goes to but I bet they have the wildest tie in the county.
It's probably the strongest figurative painting you've done since I've known you...maybe even before. A rock solid yet exciting composition. I've never been able to use cerulean blue in block areas. You make it work magic for you. The pink in the tie plays the perfect cameo role.
And as for how it realtes to the first...all I can say is ...brilliant!!
Well's amazing.

Don Gray said...

Great job, Nick. Love the scale, color and abstract qualities.

David Burge said...

I thought I'd left a comment on this yesterday. I know the same thing happened to you on mine recently. I actually found it over a week after you'd posted it.
Anyway Nick, fantastic composition. I'm astounded by the other one now I've seen this one.,
It's an incredible design.
This is your best figurative painting yet. Without a doubt.
Swing that thing in Dallas bro!

Billie Crain said...

i love the textures on his skin. i'm clueless as to how you do that. hopefully when your DVD arrives i'll find out.

Anonymous said...


The painting reads so clearly.
Good composition piece. i like the way you have lost edges at the top of the head. Sorry I missed that Strathmore Hall Show. I had a piece there a number of years ago in the room to the left above the mantle.
The new music venue there is bringing more people to the gallery. Three Dog Night played there a couple of months ago. Sorry
to admit I attended, but I sang to all of the songs. haha.

Ruth Ann Greenberg
Bethesda, Md.

Wes Waugh said...

Wonderful work Nicholas. Was directed to your blog via your comment on my Ed Whitney site. Will appreciate any folks you can direct to the site who may have contributions to make. I will certainly bookmark your blog and check in often.

Nick said...

Dawn- thanks for buying the DVD, glad you like it, CCP would appreciate your feedback :)

Dake - means a lot to me, maybe this one signals a change that has been long in the making. For awhile there it was just seeming like talk. I think we both have turned a corner...let's keep pushing each other tovarish.

Don - thank you for looking in, and I appreciate the approval rating

Billie - I'll have to post or send some closeups - some of it was painted vertically, and I had to mask around the head to create the grain. Some judicious spray bottle work too - the watercolorists best friend.

Ruth - apologize for TDN? Nonsense, one of the best pop groups ever, with an astonishing string of hits. And Cory Wells was one of the best rock/pop singers ever.

Wes - thanks so much, and I will be visiting there again. I linked it on my website.

Marilyn Fuerstenberg said...

I like this painting a lot. I have been doing some tropical paintings, but have been struggling with the skin tones.

Therefore I am studying this to see if I can gain some insight.

I also enjoy the variety of your blog.

devotedmomof7 said...

NICK!! You didn't tell me that this was accepted into the TWS show, too! I just read the list in the TWS newsletter that came in the mail today. Congratulations!!! It's an awesome painting. I'm so excited about the show, since it's my first acceptance. I can't wait to see your painting in person.