Thursday, June 26, 2008

Hispacuarela Exhibition - Cadiz, Spain

I'm very happy to have a painting in the 5th Hispacuarela International Exhibition in El Puerto de Santa María, Cádiz, Spain, June 19-29, at Sala de Exposiciones Alfonso X El Sabio in collaboration with the Academia de Bellas Artes Santa Cecilia. There are over 100 artists represented from Spain and South America... I'm the only American, and no doubt the only non-Spanish-speaking person taking part. (why did I study German for five years instead of Spanish? or Italian? or Russian? Боже мой!)

Hispacuarela is a wonderful and active watercolor forum that I began to participate on after an invitation from my friend, Alex Sahores. (Alex, start a blog!) Along with Alex, there are many other great painters in that forum, and they have been very kind in putting up with my clumsy attempts to communicate via "Spanglish" and the online translator. I've made a number of friends there, and look forward to meeting them one of these days.

I haven't done a koi piece in a while, except in workshops, so I sent one over. It was purchased by a Hispacuarela member and the proceeds donated to the Academia to help defray the expenses of this large exhibition. The painting is pictured below with my friend from Bilbao, Nieves.


David Lobenberg said...

Zehr gut!

Tóbal said...

Hi , Nick!
Cheers from Spain!
So you choose the photo with Nieves near to your watercolor ...hehe , good choice ;D!
I´ve enjoyied the expo and your watercolor , very nice!
I hope to meet you someday...

David Burge said...

That's a nice spacey koi comp. I like it a lot.
Very attractive in all respects.

Dawn said...

congratulations Nick! love that bamboo in the koi painting, so very cool.

Pablo Villicaña Lara said...

Congratulations! Keep rockin bruthah! No doubt the watermedia world is on a definite upswing especially with efforts like yours!

I tried loging on to Hispacuarela that you mentioned and couldn't figure it out, I speak "fluent" spanish but don't know how to read or write it so I'm sure I was missing something even with the translator. I'll try again.

Sandy Maudlin said...

Pretty cool --- international! Actually, I think you're art should be classified as intergalatic. Congratulations. So many nice commnents lately about your new dvd from Creative catalyst! I'm watching my new copy in the morning.

William K. Moore said...

You're doing what's necessary to stay in the game. Creating, marketing, submitting to shows, workshops, kind to animals.. and more. A pleasure to hang out with you through the electronosphere Nicholas. And note: Europe is a better place now that the koi are safely in hand. Cheers from Los Andes..

Nick said...

Vielen danks, David

Cristobal - I sure wish I could have been there, all the photos were so fun to look at. Your thread was very interesting - you're a party animal!! I also love the painting you have in the show - great work.
The only danger in posting a picture with Nieves is: who's looking at the painting?! hehehe

DakO - it's good to have some stuff you can do in your sleep, just in case you need a painting by daybreak!

Dawn - thanks for winging in

Pablo - you have to register on Hispacuarela to view the site. Go here:
Then click on "regístrese"....your Spanish is undoubtedly better than mine, so if I can figure it out, you can. They should be seeing your incredible work!!!

Sandy - thanks for getting the DVD, I'm not sure what someone of your level will learn from it, but... the music is cool! I'm trying to spread the wings, and am in another show in France that opens shortly, I'll post about that. And a possible trip through Da Vinci to Singapore and China to meet with Ong Kim Seng and Guan Weixing, I hope it happens. (I hear they need someone to clean their brushes!)

Bill- direct from Bogota! Thanks, hope you're having a nice time there, and say hello to all my friends in Candeleria...if you see Pinky, get that cell #!!!!

Nes said...

But...Nick, nick, niiiiick!!!!!

Tu hispa-acuarela es divina al natural...
Eres un fistro duodenal, te das cuén, qué vergüén, ahí mi careto con el fish, parezco una azafateision del acuario!!!!!!!
Nieves de Bilbao

Unknown said...

Hi Nick!! thanks for pulling Hispacuarela over the universe!!!

...I don´t recognize the Koi and the Nes... LOL

Nes said...

Alex...ejem, ejem...
Qué porteño más funny...
Te acabas de jugar un moleskine...
Hispacuarela is wonderful!!!
Apúntate, Pablo.

Kisses from Bilbao-Spain-Europe

Nick said...

Alex, I hope the next one happens in Buenos Aires,that would be a good excuse to come there. Loved seeing all the pictures, and hated missing the flamenco! And Nieves, I don't know if those besos are for me...but it's my blog, so I'm claiming them! :)

Anonymous said...

Hi Nick, which painting you say? :)
I also couldn't go to Cadiz, they seem to have enjoyed a lot.
Wonderful painting as usual from you.

Anonymous said...


Congratulations Nick.
Pretty woman fron Spain (Nieves), an nice acuarela too.

Spain is´t a nice place and de people too
(Sorry, I can´t write in english)


Jose Antonio G. Villarrubia said...

Hi Nick!
I see Nes next to your work, beautitiful work!
Un abrazo.

Jose Antonio G. Villarrubia said...

Nieves, por cierto, muy guapa.